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Youth Spotlight

Youth Spotlight (Youth Spotlight夏令营)

Enriching the Lives of Left-Behind Children

The Lives of Left Behind Children in China

Left Behind Children are children whose parents migrated from their rural homes to urban cities to seek work. Currently, there are 61 million left-behind children in China, with 40% of them under age 6, and 75% seeing their parents less than once a year. There are no social welfare policies to grant these children the rights to migrate and live with their parents. 

Being separated from their parents, these children find it difficult to communicate and develop affectionate relationships with their parents. As a result, many children have a poor mental health condition, and a poor sense of risk. According to research, 49.2% of left-behind children have been injured, 55.2% of them experienced sexual harassment; compared to children who live with their parents, left-behind children are also more likely to experience loneliness and depression. To improve the left-behind children’s education and mental health, ChinaNext is taking action through Youth Spotlight.

About Youth Spotlight

Launched by Emily Yue in 2013, Youth Spotlight is a summer camp for left-behind children. Its mission is to support left-behind children to fulfil their potential, and prepare for their future. With a combination of educational and playful modules, children learn useful ideas and skills which they hardly encounter in their own schools. This two-week experience teaches the children to be creative, to learn from each-other through corporation, and to cultivate self-confidence. When they leave the camp, they understand the importance of learning to love, and to think. 

Five years since its founding, Youth Spotlight supported over a hundred left-behind children and families. This achievement is thanks to the help from hundreds of volunteers and professionals, also the support of collaborators such as: the support from corporations, notably Callisto, 3M Company, SMG, BreadTalks; the support of universities, notably Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the support of institutions, notably Shanghai Children’s Hospital, BlackApple Youth. Under ChinaNext's Management, Youth Spotlight will continue to create a bright future for children, who will bring a bright future for China, for all.

Project Lead:Emily Yue(余慧诗)

Emily Yue, a Hong Kong native who grew up in Shanghai, earned her bachelor degree from King's College London and her master degree from London Business School. Currently, she works in strategic consulting for Monitor Deloitte in London, providing strategic advice to major Fortune 500 clients and enhances their market competitiveness. In her personal life, she enjoys jogging, reading books, meditating, and about ponders ideas for Youth Spotlight.