Be Happy

Be Happy (必悦) 

Supporting Individuals Struggling in Interpersonal Relationships

The Lives of People Going through a Divorce in China

The national divorce rate in China has risen drastically in the past decade. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the national divorce rate has increased from 1.85% in 2009 to 3.0% in 2016. In many first tier cities, divorce rates already surpass 30%, and Beijing, the city with the highest divorce rate of 2017, is quickly approaching 40%. Despite the growing prevalence and gradual acceptance of divorce in Chinese society, divorce is still generally considered as a type of failure in life. In addition to the social stigma, divorce often leads to a whole host of serious problems: depression, worsened physical health, financial instability, workplace discrimination, etc. 

In 2015, a study published by Duke University showed that women who divorced once were 24% more likely to experience a heart attack, whereas men only experience higher risk upon subsequent divorces. A 25-year study that followed children of divorce and children of intact families show that 25% of the former group, which is 15% higher than that of the latter, experienced serious social, emotional or psychological problems as adults. Concerned by the lack of professional support and resources for divorced individuals, ChinaNext is taking action through "Be Happy".

About Be Happy

Kyrstal Yu founded "Be Happy" in 2018. It is a social service organization, the first of its kind in China. "Be Happy" offers professional, evidence based support and resources for people struggling in emotionally involved relationships, especially those going through a divorce. The organisation aims to guide these individuals through constructive personal transformations. Its services include marriage and psychological counselling, career and parenting guidance, financial planning, as well as other forms of non-legal assistance. 

"Be Happy" lead to many peaceful, unhurried divorces and separations, where both individuals leave each other with comprehension of their relationship and each other. By sharing the journey of these couples, "Be Happy" shows the public that divorce should not be stigmatised. Under ChinaNext's management, "Be Happy" will guide more individuals overcome challenges that arise in their interpersonal relationships. 

NextLeader:Krystal Yu(于希莹)

Krystal Yu earned her Master of Software Engineering at Peking University, and her Master of Business Administration at the Alliance Manchester Business School. Previously, she managed customer relations at a foreign investment firm. After a period of personal hardship which involved a divorce, Krystal Yu delved into the world of social entrepreneurship, assisting others experiencing similar challenges. Her resolve to help strengthened when she discovered most divorcees in China, unlike those of Western Countries, lacked professional support and resources.