Character Development Lab

NextLeader: Buoya(杨博雅)

Bouya is the first and only Chinese teacher to be nominated for the "Top 10 Global Teacher Awards". She represented China in the 2017 World Education Innovation Summit in 2017. Bouya also won the Global Social Enterprise Challenge's "Quick Pitch Reward". In 2018, she was listed in Forbe China's 30 under 30.

Found of traveling, Bouya's footprints span over 30 countries around the world. Through out these trips, she kept in mind her cherished wish: To give more Chinese childen opportunities experience and visit the wider world. She wants to give more children, expecially those trapped in poverty, the right to create and persue their own aspirations.

Bouya has years of experience in the areas of teaching and childhood development. She came to realise that a large number of children in China lacked core traits in their character, such as the ability to communicate, a growth mindset, and preseverence. Childen who are unable to build these character traits often experience difficulties in emotional and personality development as they grow to become adults. Bouya's Character Development Lab launched in face of this social issue.