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We are a unique Foundation in that we seek not just to provide financial aid but also to provide help for capacity building and professionalism in the non-profit sector. We also seek various opportunities to increase civil awareness and knowledge for action.

If you have a project you believe is worth supporting

We are constantly looking for projects, programs or organizations that we can help to grow. Ideally, we look to get involved with projects or programs that increase modern citizenship awareness and/or engage the next generation young citizens for action in China. Our partnership programs are bespoke, aiming at enabling your organization to do more good for longer.

If you have a talent that can be applied

We seek a lot more than money: sometimes these actions take the form of networks, expertise, experience, skill sets or even just inspiration. From raising civil awareness to building capacity, our amazing supporters help make all of this possible. Whatever you think will help the growth of a civil society in China, we are happy to hear it. Whether it be donating money, goods or services, your assistance is essential to our ability to carry out work.

We appreciate your inquiries and commitment to giving us your support. Please get in touch!

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Seen what we can do to help the growth of non-profit sector?  Want to join in on what we're doing here? The team at ChinaNext Foundation is young and energetic and the work is fun!! Welcome aboard!

  • Marketing/Fund Raising:  We are looking for someone(or some people) that can either help out or be in charge of planning and coordinating the Foundation’s marketing activities. The CMO is a leadership position that will require a strong work ethic, industrial experience, and knowledge in a variety of disciplines; such as creative production, information technology, and finance. The CMO is responsible for strategic planning, development, branding, market research, and customer service.

  • Editors/Writers:  CNF operates a popular online magazine: China Charity Forum (公益慈善论坛). It is an important e-periodical and an open platform where ideas and stories are shared between the NextFellows and NextVolunteers, and both the aspects of civil society and the spirit of volunteerism are communicated directly to the public. This is an integral part of the Foundation’s overall message. We are looking for writers and editors, ideally with language proficiency in both Mandarin Chinese and English, to join the team.

  • NextFellow Program Coordinators:  We are seeking aspiring young volunteers to join our team and assist the existing and future projects in the NextFellow Program. You can choose to work in China or the UK, and will have opportunities to work directly with some of the key players in China’s third-sector development along with participating in an exciting program that aims at bridging financial resources, know-how and the best business practices between the UK and China.

If you have interests in those areas, please send your cv to and tell us what you can do! 

若您对以上职位感兴趣,欢迎将简历和cover letter发送至 

ChinaNext Foundation will not provide a big financial reward, but will give you a real opportunity to make a lasting impact on one of the most important countries of the world. You will join us to develop ChinaNext Foundation as an influential organization on the world stage, and demonstrate the meaning of a civil society with your own endeavors within the ChinaNext Foundation.

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