Ms. Du Na (2015)

Du Na, executive director of Yongnianlou Day Care Management Center. Du Na commits to find the community solutions for the elderly disability and Alzheimer's problem. She worked by "the Hope School” social work and volunteer service project in Sichuan as a social worker for 2 years. During this time she helped more than 20 thousand people including teachers, student and parents. After that she devoted herself to the support for migrant workers for more than one year, to help them improve competencies and integrate into the city. Currently she’s working for the professional care for physically and mentally disabled elderly people. Since 2013 she has helped more than 30 thousand elderly people, saved their families from the burden they brought.


Voluntary experience: 7 Years


Beneficiaries: Elderly People


Main Activities:  Preventive intervention of physical and mental disability, provide professional day care for physically and mentally disabled elderly people.


Yongnianlou Day Care Management Center is registered in January 2014. Their target is to enhance the self-care ability of the elderly, provide professional day care service that covers both community and family, and cooperate with the government to build up a coordinating supporting system, which is able to handle for developing the chain operation. They see it as their mission to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy, independent elder life with dignity. Currently they provide four kinds of services: 1. Prevention of physical and mental disability by screening, assessment and early intervention; 2.Professional day care service for physically and mentally disabled elderly people; 3. Supportive services for their family to lighten their burdens; 4.Training for other nursing homes or social organizations.