We provide young people in China with the resources and community to create a reliable civil society. We select and mentor project leaders and teams who work on projects which are sustainable, measurably effective, and scalable in the future. These project leaders are called “NextLeaders”. We spend much time providing continuous mentorship and guidance to all individuals working for and managed by us. 

NextLeaders work on a huge variety of social issues, to devise solutions which are not offered by the private nor the public sectors, their work have also received prestigious awards. Currently, there are seven active NextLeaders: 

Wakey-Wakey organises creative campaigns to spread awareness and gather research funding for individuals with narcolepsy; 

Youth Spotlight provides migrant children education on emotional and professional development; 

Voice Changer collaborates with hospitals, professinals and volunteers to provide therapies for children with articulation disorders; 

Better Blue guides divers to help make ocean ecosystems more sustainable; 

Be happy supports individuals struggling in interpersonal relationships, such as those going through a divorce; 

Rainbow Pen provides art therapy and courses to help autistic children learn and communicate; 

Virtuous Heart offers psychological consolation for teenagers and their families, especially those at risk of juvenile delinquency. 

Character Development Lab help youth to live through times of difficulty, by using methods based on positive psychology and character development theory.

Besides working with the existing NextLeaders, CNF organises competitions to engage with new talent, and provide them with resources they need to successfully tackle issues they are concerned with.