Current Positions in China

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Current Positions in China

We are looking to fill the vacancies below:


NextLeader Development Supervisor

Office location: Shanghai, China


NextLeader Development staff and Marketing Staff will work with charity NextLeader, help promote their programmes, connect them to external resources, and expand their marketing scale.


Work includes:

1.     Help with administration and planning of the NextLeaders’ programmes on social media.

2.     Assist NextLeaders to get access to resources from the government and other enterprises.

3.     Connect NextLeaders with other NGOs.

4.     Collaborate with like minded volunteers and groups to develop and improve current programmes, so that they live up to their slogans.

5.     Enhance and maintain the brand names of ChinaNext and our NextLeaders’ programmes.

6.     Look for ways to raise funds for ChinaNext Foundation as well as NextLeaders’ programmes.

7.     Be an intermediate contact between our NextLeaders’ programmes and outside enterprises, carry out consultation to create win-win models of collaboration for both the enterprises and the programmes.


Programme Assistant Officer (Intern)

Office location: Shanghai, China


Carry out our NextLeaders’ programmes in collaboration with programme superiors and business partners.


Work includes:

1.    Take part in the NextLeaders’ training sessions; track, assess, and evaluate their performance overtime, possible for the long run.

2.    Work closely with our marketing department and Next citizen education department to maximise the impact and value ChinaNext Foundation brings to society.

3.    Participate in the legal domestic non-profit business operation.


Minimal Requirements:

1.    Proficient in English and Chinese (HSK Level 5 or above for non-native Chinese speakers).

2.    Familiar with the structure and function of non-profit organisations, including branding and fund raising strategies.

3.    Experienced in dealing with multiple stakeholders.

4.    Priority is given to those with knowledge and background in finance.


Please Note:

1.    Internships are three months at maximum, afterwards satisfactory interns can choose to become full-time or part-time employees.

2.    Working hours are flexible for full-time employees.

3.    There are 15 days of paid holiday for full-time employees.

4.    We will take care of work permit requirements for satisfactory employees.


How to apply: 

Please send a CV and a Cover Letter to:

In the Cover Letter, please explain why you think you are suitable for us, and tell us briefly how you overcame a specific challenging situation.




(Alternatively you can click APPLY NOW, it redirects you to application form on our Chinese website, all in Chinese).


ChinaNext Foundation will not provide a large financial reward. Instead we will give you the opportunity to make a lasting impact in China, one of the most important countries in the world. Your work with us will develop ChinaNext Foundationin to an influential organisation internationally, and your efforts will help establish effective social programmes leaders, and a reliable non-profit networks in China.