Why China?

There are three reasons why we (and you should) care about China 

One, China is too big to ignore.  

20% of humanity lives in China; China is the second largest and the fastest growing economy in the world; China produces all our iPhones and Androids; China is the biggest emitter of CO2 and other pollutants...the list is endless.  The rest of world can’t hope to have a better future if the Chinese people keep struggling to find a hopeful one for themselves.

Two,  the world is too connected.

Whereas our parents or grandparents can ignore the rest of the world for the most parts of their lives, we no longer have that luxury in a globalized world. It's already quite clear that wherever you live and however much you want to pretend that China doesn’t concern you, she does: from the water you drink, air you breathe; from how much you pay for the gas you use in the kitchen, to economic opportunities for your children. The world is yours, now help take care of it so you can enjoy it.

Three, China’s future is still uncertain.

China is in the process of a crucial transition, but the transition is unprecedented –literally. A transition of this scale and of this global significance has never happened in human history.

Will the government-led economic development continue into the future? What if this progress slows? Will China consume all the world’s resources? How can its outdated legal-political structure still exist in a modern society?  No one knows for sure. But we think this is clear: economic development, however impressive, cannot sustain the development of a modern, prosperous, peaceful democratic nation. Many things we take for granted in the western world: churches, community centers, public welfare, clean air; all of these commodities will have to catch up in China. How they do so, however, is likely to be the single biggest mystery and the single biggest opportunity for our generation.

Thus, we often say this: you either take part in shaping the future of China, or your future will be shaped by hers.

Shape or be shaped, Lead or be led, Act as the solution or the problem. The choice is yours.