Ms. Jiang Fei (2015)

Jiang Fei, the initiator and director of Lizhou Poverty Alleviation Development Service Center,has been working in NGO full-time for 8 years. After graduation from Dublin Business College and passed ACCA exam, she came back to her hometown and participated in the rural development project initiated by the Germany Misereor Foundation at the service of rural community development and urban migrant children. In October 2012 Jiang Fei took the opportunity to study master of social work in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2013, she promoted the establishment of Lizhou Volunteers’ League, which gathered volunteers from all sectors of society in Shenyang. They take on different roles and jobs in the League and connect with different resources to solve the local social problems. As practice base of 2 universities of Shenyang, they also cultivate qualified young talents in public service.


Voluntary experience: 9 Years


Beneficiaries: Local villagers, migrant workers and their children, social work students


Main Activities: Promote the integrated development in Chaoyang Kazuo rural district. Help the migrant children (including preschool and primary school children) in Shenyang to integrate into the city life and create an equal environment for their growth through quality-oriented education, happy-weekend activities and community carnival. Enhance the migrant workers’ sense of belonging to the community and promote the harmonious development of the community through parent-child activities. Set up the supporting platform for non-governmental organizations. As a partner of One Foundation in Liaoning, we make positive response to its disaster relief projects implemented in Liaoning.


Lizhou Poverty Alleviation Development Service Center is committed to help social vulnerable groups, advocate the spirit of public service and dedication, attract more enterprises and people to participate in charity work and promote the development of non-governmental organizations while adhering to the tenet of “equal participation and mutual support; helping others and self-help to achieve happiness for all”.