Mr. Sun Hongwei (2015)

Sun Hongwei, the founder and director of DRIVING FORCE, the vice-director of Chinese Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Committee, established an online forum of Spina Bifida in 2010. After resigning from IBM, he devoted himself to the establishment and development of China spina bifida public service organization. In 2012, Sun Hongwei registered Driving Force Public Service Development Center in Chengdu, since then he received several awards: The Scholar of the year 2012 in China Ecsel Program; 2013 Spotless Mind Candidate of CCTV, Public Spiritedness of China Charity Festival 2013, Annual Distinguished Contribution of China Charities Aid Foundation for Children 2014, 2014 One of the Sichuan Power Top 10 Figures and so on.


Voluntary experience: 5 Years


Beneficiaries: People with spina bifida and physical disability


Main Activities: The Program “Early Care”brings visible changes and brighten future to the spina bifida children. Program “Thoroughly Tempered” provides training plans to the practical talents for public service organization. “Love Integration” promotes the disabled person’s community integration.


DRIVING FORCE was established in March 2010 and was formerly known as China Spine Public Service Platform, which was the first public service organization concentrating on spina bifida. It has been a professional public service organization aiming at helping the physical disabled people since it's registration in the Chengdu High-Tech Zone in May 2012. Its value is to respect the life and to create the value of life. Its mission is to reduce the birth rate of babies with spina bifida, to prevent spina bifida children from deteriorationand finally being disabled, and to improve the living condition of people with spina bifida.