Mr. Dong Jian (2015)

Dong Jian, co-founder of Tianjin Green Collar (Tianjin Binhai Environmental Advisory Service Center) as well as committee member in the Migrant Birds Protection Foundation under CSAF. In 2011 - 2013, he organized the ”Chinese Future Green Collar Training Camp” to train up the young talents in environmental protection sector in the Horqin Biosphere Reserves; In 2012 -2014 he carried out  Przewalski's Gazelle (a rareanimal) protection, wetland protection, and worked to stop the illegal fishing of Gymnocypris przewalskii (a rare fish) in Qinghai Lake; in 2013 he leaded an investigation team for coal problem, by which he promoted the rational management and use of coal in Tianjin; besides he investigated the illegal exploitation problem of wetland in Yunnan and performed intervention; funded by several foundations, he carried out air pollution treating measures and industry supervision in Tianjin; In 2013-2014 he founded a non-governmental water testing center, and helped 26 victims of water pollution all over the country.

Support environmentalists and carry out organized activities to protect the water and air quality in China.

Voluntary Experience: 5 Years

Beneficiaries: Enviromentalists, pullution victims

Main Activities: Tianjin Green Collar, an environmental NGO founded in 2010, focus in supporting the environmental protection in regions where the air or water is polluted; supervision against enterprises to regulate their pollution discharge;  support the government with law enforcement. Through psychological guidance, environmental monitoring, publicity, coordination, education and such methods, they try to make the public aware of the environmental problems and participate in it, so as to solve the problems fundamentally.