Mr. Chen Ci (2015)

Chen Ci, the founder of Alma Anta.  Comes from a peasant's family, Chen Ci has astrong sense of social responsibility. Since 2008 he has led volunteer teams to carry out long-time anti-disaster rescue and relief work in Wenchuan earthquake, the Southwest drought, Qinghai earthquake, Ya’an earthquake, Ludianearthquake and Jinggu earthquake. In the meantime, he carried out several projects in Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan to help teenagers in distant or disaster areas to obtain resources and opportunities. 

Voluntary experience: 7 years

Beneficiaries: Teenagers in distant poverty-stricken areas and disaster areas

Main Activities: Organize projects such as in-residence voluntary teaching, winter and summer camps, general knowledge lessons. By educational and extracurricular activities they accompany the kids in distant or disaster areas to assure their healthy growth.

Alma Anta, which was set up on 25 July, 2008, was a registered non-profit organization. Alma Anta was born at the time of Wenchuan earthquake, by which Chen Ci gathered volunteers from all over the world to pull together as an international voluntary team. Now Alma Anta is making efforts in improving children’s physical and mental health in distant poverty-stricken areas.