Welcome to NextForum

The NextForum is the highlight of the year and part of an annual event series that brings together the best minds in civil society development and frontline workers in China, in order to engage the British society about the exciting stories happening there. Last year's NextForum ran five sessions with different topics of focus, in Oxford University (6th February), School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London, 7th February), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, 8thFebruary, as LSE China Development Forum), Cambridge University (9th February) and Oxford University (10th February).

Session I: Oxford University:

Date: 6th February 2014

Topic: Charity Development and Citizen initiative in China


Guest Speaker: Chong (Allan) Wu, the CEO of Adream Foundation (See Forbes Link)



Session II, SOAS (University of London):

Date: 7th February 2014

Topics:  Social Development and Civil Society⋅ Dialogue between UK and China


Guest Speakers: Chong (Allan) Wu, Dr.Tim Pringle, Sam Geall, Erika Helms

对话人:吴冲(真爱梦想基金会秘书长),Tim Pringle (SOAS劳动力、社会运动和发展学者),Sam Geall(环境网站“中外对话”执行主编),Erika Helms(LinkChina 管理总监)

Moderated by: Thomas Zhang (FT Chinese)



Session III, LSE (China Development Forum)

Date: 8th February 2014

Topics: Rebalancing China


Guest Speakers: Over 20 preeminent guest Speakers. See the list here


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Session IV, Cambridge University

Date: 9th February 2014

Topics: The Chinese Dream and the Practical Road


Guest Speakers: Prof. He Weifang, Prof. Tong Zhiwei, Prof. Zheng Gongcheng, Mr. Allan (Chong) Wu


Moderated by: Thomas Zhang (FT Chinese)



Session V, Oxford University

Date: 10th February 2014

Topics: The legal infrastructure for a civil society


Guest Speakers: Prof. He Weifang, Prof. Tong Zhiwei, Prof. Zheng Gongcheng