The Door is Open

Thinking of Applying?

People are all we support. The NextLeaders Program welcomes applications from excellent workers in China’s leading charitable projects who demonstrated the potential to grow to the next leaders in China, however, we will also gladly consider exceptional foreign charity leaders to become NextLeaders.  After all, we are focused on both China and rest of the world in our works to increase civil service efficiency.  Here are a few details below on what we offer our current NextLeaders in case you would like to contact us further on the possibility of becoming an international NextLeaders in the coming future.

What we offer

We are endeavoring to build a mutually-beneficial yet flexible partnership with you and your organization. Each successful candidate is provided with a tailor-made package to suit his/her particular requirements.

Examples of the services we offer:

  1. Adequate living stipends for full time workers;

  2. An annual allowance for training and capacity building;

  3. Overseas visiting and conference sponsorship;

What we want in return

In return, we expect our NextLeaders to be committed to professionalism and operational excellence in their own causes, to actively promote the core values of civil society.


In addition, we require you to:

  1. Be working full time in a recognized charity by the Chinese government and be supported by it;

  2. Be working in one of the 12 causes as stipulated by the Charity Act 2011 (UK).

  3. Be committed to highest standard of effectiveness and transparency within international charity organizations.

  4. Disclose and invite public scrutiny to your daily work.

  5. Report back to us on a continuous basis and satisfy us that your charity work is full time in nature.

  6. Recommend more candidates for the NextLeaders community.

  7. Help the marketing and fundraising for the Foundation.

Share our vision? Get in touch!

If you feel that you are qualified to join us as an international NextLeaders, please contact us at any of the emails below, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding CNF and the NextLeaders program.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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