Co-host an educational event!

CNF thrives off the strength and skills of our partners who share our vision for a civil society in China. All of the Foundation’s activities are carried out with partners. We do this because we believe that participation and involvement are the keys to the success of a strong civil society. We won’t and can’t single-handedly pursue such a grand mission as building a new civil society in the largest country in the world, everyone has high aspirations, but we know our limits in this regard. Hopefully, by supporting our NextLeaders and partners, no one in the civil sector will have to work alone in order to achieve their goals.
We are constantly looking for projects, programs, and organizations that we can help to grow within the realm of Foundation’s objectives. Ideally, we look to get involved with projects or programs that increase modern citizenship awareness and/or engage the next generation young citizens for action in China.

Our partnership programs are bespoke, aiming at enabling your organization to do more good for longer. Please get in touch with us.

If you're interesting in co-hosting an educational event with us, please click the link below for further details: