Support ChinaNext

Our 2013-2014 budget is expected to be £50,000. This is divided into two programs:

NextFellow Program

The cost of supporting a full time charity workers of our caliber ranges from £3,000-£10,000 per year; depending mainly on the individual needs, the seniority of the personnel, and the area they operate. 

The Foundation’s financial aid is on a complementary basis and does not replace or substitute the worker’s existing salary or income (if any). However, with the receipt of our Fellowship, the Fellow proves to us on a continuous basis that he/she works for the charity on a full time basis and he/she is not in any for-profit work. We rely on public scrutiny and quarterly reports to monitor this.

The Fellowship, which is individually tailored, is usually split between a living stipend (if necessary) and an annual training allowance.This combination will generally allow a charity leader to dedicate to his/her charity work while increasing his/her work efficiency, which in turn will help mobilize other resources to help thousands of less advantaged people through their work.


NextMinds Program

In the advocacy part of our work; we operate various forums, seminars and Fellowship exchanges. 


Our core event is the annual NextForum, which usually happens between January and February, where we invite some of the most influential civil society, law and social development scholars to the UK to give a collection of seminars, dialogues and speeches to both the public and overseas Chinese students alike. We often organize Fellow tours/visits around the same time in order to achieve operational synergy.


In addition, we periodically host other forms of seminars and events around the world. The costs are mainly the flights and accommodation costs of the speakers. We do not operate these programs alone; instead we always cooperate with our partners, who usually provide for other costs, such as venues and receptions.


From 2014 onwards, we will start operating a Chinese language web-based platform -- China Charity Online (公益慈善论坛) as an ongoing platform for the Chinese audience. The website has been operated from 2006 by two individuals and has built a large audience base,and the Foundation agreed with them to take it over as a portal to civil society to the end of 2013, while keeping the editors in place. The website (and its associated social media channels) is registered with the government, which costs about £15,000 to run per year; including salaries, websites, and payment to writers and translators. Our readership is now firmly in the hundreds of thousands and currently expanding at a rate of over 30% per year.


Admin Costs

As a foundation run by volunteers, our admin costs are low. Below provides a breakdown of our 2012-2013 expenditure.

We do however recognise the need for full time paid staff as the portfolio of our fellows get bigger and the educational events become more. We expect the proportion of of admin costs to increase as a result.