Join the team

Seen what we can do to help the growth of non-profit sector?  Want to join in on what we're doing here? The team at ChinaNext Foundation is young and energetic and the work is fun!! Welcome aboard!

We are looking to fill the vacancies below:

  • Marketing/Fund Raising:  We are looking for someone(or some people) that can either help out or be in charge of planning and coordinating the Foundation’s marketing activities. The CMO is a leadership position that will require a strong work ethic, industrial experience, and knowledge in a variety of disciplines; such as creative production, information technology, and finance. The CMO is responsible for strategic planning, development, branding, market research, and customer service.

  • International Development Officers: We are looking for two interns to be recruited to the role of International Development Officer at the end of the internship, if satisfactory. Calling for all students with interests in international development of Chinese NGOs, cultural exchange and civil society development, and with ability to represent Chinese NGOs in the international community. We are looking for someone with strong motivation to NGO work, and can recruit all possible tools available to achieve stated goals. 

    • You will have first-hand experiences with the many high quality Chinese NGOs this Foundation supports, understand their work and motivations, and work out practical way to help.

    • You will be dealing with a highly innovative role of bring high quality Chinese NGOs to the international community for publicity, brand building and/or for fundraising.

    • You will be facing multiply stake holders from government to enterprise. Among them you will identify suitable resources for the NGOs we support.

    • You will define your own career path.


Minimal Requirements:

1.Bilingual. For those who don't use Chinese as mother tongue we expect HSK Level 5 or above. 

2.Proficiency in English;

3.Familiarity of the workings of non-profit organizations, including brand construction and fund raising;

4.Existing experiences dealing with multiple stakeholders.

5.Priorities will be given to those who with a financial background. 


1.Internship is three months’ maximum;

2.Flexible working hours after becoming full time employee

3.15 days paid holiday 

4.We will be handling personnel and work permit requirements if successful


(You will be redirected to our Chinese website to fill in the application form. The form is in CHINESE. If you have difficulties in reading or filling the form, please email a cover letter and cv to Please explain why you think you are suitable for us, and what precise difficulty have you met. )

ChinaNext Foundation will not provide a big financial reward, but will give you a real opportunity to make a lasting impact on one of the most important countries of the world. You will join us to develop ChinaNext Foundation as an influential organization on the world stage, and demonstrate the meaning of a civil society with your own endeavors within the ChinaNext Foundation.