2012 NextFellows visited the UK

    2014-01-29 16:16:03

The Foundation has invited Ms Huang Chenle and Ms Hu Wen, two fellows in our 2012-2013 programme to visit the UK in January 2013.

The visit was part of the fellowship package aiming at introducing the best practices of UK charties to their Chinese counterparts. During a short week, the fellows visited and exchanged at a few relevant and leading UK charities that are considered as more established and more mature. The list of charities visited include MsiziAfricaFoodChain,  Charity WorksMagic BreakfastBarnardo’s and Plan International.

Hs Huang Chenle works for the Free Lunch Foundation, which aims at providing FREE lunch to school children in the less developed areas and have so far been able to support over .