What should we do when the kids can't say what they wanna say?

  Wendy  2020-09-29 22:30:18

Why sometimes the #kids want to express something but they just can't? The development of language skills does have to be slow. If children make a series of utterances and we can occasionally find one or two words in it, this is actually a good thing. The length of the language must start from the foundation, and the foundation of understanding is gradually consolidated. The next step is the expression of one word. If there are only 50 words, it is difficult to directly say two-word phrases and three-word short sentences. of. It's not that children will say "I eat an apple" after the three words I, eat, apple. The second step is to increase the vocabulary. After increasing the noun verbs to a certain level, we will consider the combination of the two. After we have a lot of double words, we may increase the length of the sentence to be relatively simple, but whether it is words, phrases or sentence expression exercises, it is inseparable from the cornerstone of understanding.