RememberMe|How to identify risks in caring for dementia patients

    2020-11-27 22:42:58

In the afternoon of November 21st, the Family Mutual Aid Association activities were held by RememberMe as scheduled. The theme was "How to identify risk signals in dementia care". We invited Xu Wenying, the head of the R&D department of home care products for dementia, and Cao from Minhang District Mental Health Center to share guidance with our family members. Xu gave a detailed introduction from three aspects: "How to recognize malnutrition", "How to recognize dysphagia", and "How to prevent falls". 

With regard to letting the elderly with dementia maintain their own lives, one family member Li shared her experience in taking care of them. She said that she must let them do what they could do. For example, let them eat by themselves. Although it was difficult at first and he even spilled the meal everywhere, after persistent efforts, her husband succeeded in finishing eating in half an hour. The ability to eat has been improved and maintained. Li said: "When dementia occurs in the early stage, some warning signals must be properly identified." 

In addition, Mrs. Li believes that as a family member of dementia, one must maintain a good relationship with neighbors and communities, and learn to pay attention to their own emotions and life and cultivate their own interests. This can release the negative emotions caused by long-term care and cultivate hobbies and reduce the mental pressure of the caregiver. "Even if he leaves first, I still have my hobbies and relationships to accompany me", so this month she started to learn the electronic piano. 

Emily, the host of the Mutual Aid Association, finally shared her experience of caring for her mother and encouraged family members to take care of their own emotions in order to better take care of dementia family members.