Our New NextLeader Liuxi with her President-X

    2020-11-04 16:17:36

Welcome Liu Qian, our new NextLeader who graduated from HarvardKennedySchool with a master's degree. She is currently a Ph.D. at TsinghuaUniversity, a member of the YouthFederation of Jiangsu Province, and the winner of the Nanjing 5·4 Youth Prize. She's also the first foreigner to receive the presidential medal, the highest honor in Uzbekistan. Based on years of experience in studying abroad and working in international organizations, she focuses on promoting the growth of young people with global mobility and youth-to-youth diplomacy with the focus on telling Chinese stories.

The vision of President-X is to empower young people, to help more Chinese youths gain fair, high-quality, and a wider range of international exchanges, growth and development opportunities, and to enhance the global competence of Chinese young people.