BEHAPPY together with Foton Daimler Labor Union in Chinese Valentine's Day

  Wendy  2020-08-28 23:27:25

Employees is the core and most important asset of the company.A large number of scientific studies have shown that high degree of happiness of individuals and the society, more innovative, more productive. Happy employees work efficiency is increased by 13%.  The cooperation between Foton-Daimler Automotive and BEHAPP AI, aimed at the bridge and the bond between corporate and employees through the labor union solidarity, Chinese and foreign employees collaborate together for the harmonious development of corporate. The ultimate goal is to achieve a win-win situation among the three parties, including orgnization, corporate and employees. Science shows that if we interact with our partner positively for 6 hours a week, we can have a happy relationship and family. Behappy will share the secrets of Love Science. A free webinar has been held on Chinese Valentine's Day(August 25th, UK Time 1pm- 2:30pm) as the most loving gift for your loved ones. 10 lucky employees who will were rewarded with a gift ("the Art and Science of Love" Entry level online class) worth 199RMB, as participated in the webinar on the Chinese Valentine's Day!