We are hiring event organisers 招聘活动策划兼职

    2014-11-19 04:30:08

Event organiser (活动策划专员)- Part time position

We are welcoming new team members for the organising and event managment for the series of events we are hosting from late 2014 to early 2015. These events are:

4th December 2014: Annual Meeting & Speech

We will publish our annual report on the event and give our donors and public a formal opportunity to inspect our work. 

Guest Speaker: Prof. Yu Fen, Chairman of Yu Fen Charitable Foundation, Professor of Tsinghua University, and the former coach of world diving champions. Prof. Yu will talk about her life experience and evolution from a prominent coach to the chairman of a charitable foundation.


7th February 2015: China Charity Ball

The first ever China-themed Charity Ball aims at proving a fun and exciting evening while raising awareness to the charities and NGOs which work closely in China's frontline of social development. To be held at Westminster Hall, this ball will be the first major charity event that introduce to the UK society the vibrant third sector in China and the army of young energic charity workers.

Please download the job description (in Chinese) here.