2015 Love Flows with Music - Beijing

    2015-01-24 21:30:21

从北京到伦敦,遥远的从来都不是距离 From Beijing To London, it's not distance that separates us
2015年的第三十一天 On the 31st day of 2015
最资深的公益人将与最专业的音乐人们一起 We bring together charity leaders and professional musicians together
在北京最高的艺术殿堂时代美术馆等待你的到来 In the highest art palace of Beijing
在那一刻 And wait at the moment
音符将承载你的爱心 When music carries your heart away
变为撼动人心的能量 And roars with touching power
让我们共同期待这力量 Let us long for the power
期待这爱 Let us expect the love
能与音乐共同流淌 can flow with music