The Starry Christmas Charity Concert

    2015-12-25 17:23:17

The renowned Shanghaibased Stellar Kids Concert Series has recently collaborated with China NextFoundation to present “the Starry Christmas Charity Concert”, the third andlast in line of the series this year. The concert was successfully held on 20thDec, in ET Theatre, Shanghai.

From “Lion King” to “Frozen”,this year’s Christmas Concert was studded with some of the best-ratedyear-round musicals along with traditional Christmas and New Year melodies. Thecast, selection of music as well as the stage effects were significantlyenhanced on the base of the original outstanding settings. A number of localperformers and presenters also participated to show their support.

As the charitypartner to Stellar Kids, ChinaNext Foundation took the opportunity to share thecharitable initiatives with the children through this live concert. The youngaudience were encouraged to share their New Year wishes, and also generously donatedto a ChinaNext project, which helps children with infantile autism in Gansu,China.

NextFellow Zhang Li, alsohead of the XinyuXing Social Service Community Centre in Gansu, attended theconcert and shared her story with the autistic children, as to promote socialawareness of infantile autism. Children at Shanghai Jiu Qian Volunteer Centre werealso invited to perform.

Founded in 2011 inLondon, ChinaNext Foundation is a UK-registered charity that actively operatesin China, affiliated to China Youth Development Foundation. “China Stellar KidsConcert”, produced by Shangyi Arts & Entertainment, is a music performanceseries that is meticulously designed for parents and children, and enjoyed asuccessful track record of four seasons.

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