Congrats! Behappy won the championship of SAP 1B Lives Demo Day in Great China

    2018-10-12 17:36:12

On 9:30 am, June 22nd, 2018, The first Greater China 1B Lives demo day took place in SAP Labs Shanghai. Behappy team won in the five shortlisted 1BLives teams from Greater China. After 6 minutes pitch and 6 minutes Q&A, Behappy's outstanding idea pitch supported from SAP Great China juries. Behappy team was chosen to move forward to join SAP global accelerator program where they will receive funding, time and support to progress their idea – and ultimately pitch for incubation and seed investment with SAP.IO in Spain on Nov. 

About Behappy

Behappy, founded by founded by Krystal Yu in 2018. With the mission of "Be best you, transform from love relationship for a happy life", Behappy team focuses on supporting Individuals who struggle in interpersonal relationships. It is a social service organization, the first of its kind in China. "Be Happy" offers professional, evidence-based support and resources for people struggling in emotionally involved relationships, especially those going through a divorce. The organization aims to guide these individuals through constructive personal transformations. Its services include marriage and psychological counseling, career and parenting guidance, financial planning, as well as other forms of non-legal assistance. 

Traditionally, couple counsel to marital therapist when encounter couple issue. However, it's currently limited by the number of therapist and hours available globally. In China, a lack of professional marital therapist existing and 85% people would like to think themselves according to survey result inside SAP. Most marital therapist focus on conflict management and the effectiveness of marital therapy is only 35%.

Dr. John Gottman (, who get American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Distinguished Research Scientist Award, spend 40 years to research 3000 couples and find 67% couples get divorces after 40 years marriage. He build couple's big data and discovered a mathematic algorithm to predict couple divorce during a conflict with 94% accuracy. This predicted result can be helpful know couple's behavior and the root cause for their issue for providing treatment solution. 

Behappy team lets love go digital and digitalized marital therapist for happy marriage and happy family. They partnership with Dr. John Gottman scientific institute to provide couple relationship assessment and recommendation intelligently on mobile. With their research couple data(such as video recording, body information, predict algorithm, seven principles and workshop material, etc), leverage SAP Leonardo machine learning and NLP capability to resolve the couple relationship social issue. 

About SAP One Billion Lives 

The SAP One Billion Lives program was founded in 2016 in APJ to realize SAP's purpose to help the world run better and improve people's lives. It is a crowd-sourced, ground up program, employing the power of SAP technology, to deliver sustainable, commercially-viable social impact, and improving the lives of one billion people. In 2018, the program goes global and employees from all regions will have the opportunity to turn their big idea into big social impact.