Voice Changer got the 1st place in the Chinese Public Welfare Public Contest

    2018-10-12 17:52:46

Voice Changer program won the 1st Place Golden Award at the Chinese Public Welfare Public Contest in September 2018. This is an annual contest which involves thousands of tailored social welfare projects.

Voice Changer(倾音) is lead by Xintong(杜心童) and aims to give equal rights to listen and speak for individuals with articulation disorders. Voice Changer's mission is to give equal rights to listen and speak for those with articulation disorders. Voice Changer has been building community service stations, which links children with speech therapists and establishing high-quality volunteer teams comprised of many students majoring in broadcasting. Since its launch in 2016, Voice Changer build community service stations, which connects children with speech therapists, and high-quality volunteer teams. Voice Changer collaborates with hospitals, government agencies, and education tech companies to offer children continuous professional speech therapy both online and in person. By combining the knowledge gained when running the project at these different facilities, Voice changer will establish a public, professional, and sustainable platform for individuals with auditory disorders.

The project's work is widely publicized on mass media such as Souhu, toutiao.com, and Weibo. With the support of public and private organizations, Voice changer was awarded in the Tencent Youth Volunteer Leader Competition, as the most popular and most creative project; the Gold Award of the ShaanXi Province University Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Excellent Team of China Summer Social Practice.