Coral Reef Conservation in WeiZhou Marine Park

    2019-01-06 22:02:19

Better Blue is working closely with Guangxi Weizhou Island Coral Reef National Marine Park to conserve coral reefs. This Marine Park was established on December 21, 2021, by the State Oceanic Administration. The Park aimed to provide an ecosystem to reverse the decline in coral reef coverage and distribution. This decline was coupled with reduced biodiversity in the island's marine ecosystem. These changes were most notable in regions with shallow waters, where human activity was more prominent. In these regions, the rate of coral reef mortablity was greater than the rate of its replenishment; thus, Weizhou's coral reefs are in decline. Overfishing, pollution, phisical damange, and climate abnorablities are the main reasons for the decline of coral reefs in Weizhou Island. 

Since the establishement of the Marine Park, the Weizhou Island's ecosystem was regularly evaluate for reef growing. With the help of Better Blue and its partner organisations, the island's reef check gave promissing results in 2014. The Island's ecosystem is now suitable for growing coral reefs, and the majority of reeds remain healthy. Every year, Better blue and its partner organisations conduct reef checks every year. They ensure Weizhou Island maintains a healthy ecosystem which can support a gorwing coral reef population.