How to guide children to express themselves confidently? Shanghai experts here to teach you! (ii)

  Wendy  2020-06-27 05:08:17

Parents guide their children to express their needs and ideas in words, but not to form sentences as soon as they come up with ideas. Sometimes when our children have problems, they find it difficult to describe them in complete sentences, especially in the face of the constant questioning from their parents. They will be trapped in tension  and it is difficult for them to express.

Therefore, when the child can not express what they want to mean, the parent can give the child the guidance and some cues to express (when a child speaks the word, the mother can supplement with the complete sentence, and the father demonstrates the whole sentence).

In the process of training to express, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the child's understanding is timely. The basis of our sentences is word. The amount and the type of words will affect the ability of expressing ideas. Therefore, we must also focus on the training of comprehension skills for each lexical units.