BetterBlue's first offline event "BetterBlue Screening" in Bishang Cafe, Guangzhou post Covid-19 lockdown.

    2020-07-09 04:24:51

Approaching the end of June, BetterBlue had its first offline event "BetterBlue Screening" in Bishang Cafe, Guangzhou post covid-19 lockdown. Our friends all said they were suffocated at home and very excited to attend!
We watched 'Horizon: Death of the Oceans?' during the screening. In addition to regular movie viewing and ideas sharing, we have added some associated popular science content for coral reef conservation in this event, and more popular marine related and marine life related content will be added in the later events and activities. After watching the movie and the course, our participants took the initiatives to express their feelings and had an intense discussion on how to better protect the ocean. In what we are familiar with, what can we do to protect our oceans?
-Sector representative of early childhood education: Environmental protection should start with children.
-Sector representative of youth education: It is better to advocate and implement those ideas on actual actions. It is better to bring into the empowerment of young people.
-Children who grew up from the Yangjiang seaside: 20 years ago, the fish caught by my father still had some broken coral skeletons, but they have rarely been seen in recent years.