The Marine Lives are Calling for Help from Going to Extinction.

    2020-07-16 10:39:09

So far, 90% of the global fishery resources have been fully utilized or over-exploited, the number of Pacific bluefin tuna has dropped by 96% compared with the level before fishing, and many economic species are facing the threat of extinction. These rapid degradation trends are also reflected in changes in habitat quality and species survival status. Half of the world’s corals have disappeared. At the current rate of temperature rise, coral reefs may be extinct by 2050; almost one-third of the seagrass has disappeared; mangroves are destroyed even more than three to five times.

The loss of the vitality of the ocean is also reflected by the scientific evidence. The "Marine Earth Life Index" is an indicator of the state of global biodiversity based on the development trend of more than 900 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish marine life. Between 1970 and 2010, the Ocean Earth Vitality Index dropped 39%. The evidence clearly tells us that if the poor management of marine life continues, the marine eco-system and biodiversity will face greater danger. It is also does harm to the sustainability for human society. Marine eco-system has been badly damaged by human activities in the last centuries. Facing the huge challenges of our eco-system threw to us, we must take counter-measures on a global scale, otherwise the system will be pushed to a corner, endangering the well-being of all mankind and directly affecting hundreds of people relying on the #ocean for food and work. Every country needs to work hard to protect marine eco-system. WWF has also launched the "Blue Planet Fund" project in China, actively promoting innovation or cross-disciplinary cooperation in marine protection field, promoting #environmental organizations, industry associations and scientific research forces to focus on solving marine issues. We are now asking for project application and sincerely invite you to join us and work together for a vibrant ocean!