VoiceChanger has partnered with Jiuzhou to promote speech health.

  Wendy  2020-07-23 21:25:10

Lately, VoiceChanger has signed a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Jiuzhou Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hangzhou Jiuzhou Medical and Health Service Co., Ltd. It's a company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market (stock code: CJJD). Regarding the influence VoiceChanger has made on national speech and language rehabilitation and the application of Jiuzhou Medical in the medical industry in Zhejiang, the two sides decided to jointly promote the development of the children's speech and utterance in Zhejiang, and actively promote the speech and language of children in Zhejiang Develop framework system construction and carry out comprehensive cooperation in the census, scientific research, construction, and inclusive applications of children’s speech health. As a leading company in China's speech and language development industry, Qingyin will form a joint force with Jiuzhou Medical to carry out strategic development in the following three areas:
1. Promote the infrastructure construction of "Zhejiang Children's Speech and Language Health Survey" 2."Zhejiang Speech and Language Rehabilitation Center" base construction 3  Develop extended applications in the field of "speech and language rehabilitation" in a systematic way. In the future, VoiceChanger will work with Jiuzhou Medical Center to focus on the speech rehabilitation of children in Zhejiang Province, pay attention to the speech and language development of preschool and school-age children, and contribute to the development of Chinese children's speech and language. Let's help every child speak well.