Become a NextLeader

  Wendy  2020-08-17 10:36:04

Have you ever started a charity project with passion and great interest? However, as the project continues to develop, it faces the problem of whether it's necessary to register a #socialorganization?
Have you ever wanted to expand the project and continue to develop but had to devote unlimited energy to dealing with administrative, finance, legal and other trifles.
Have you ever wanted to  promote the development of existing projects in a sustainable way, but had to go around, busy raising funds with no time to promote the project
So how about join us?
A one-stop service for potential #NextLeaders of social innovation charity projects
With our support and help, social organizations can be binded together with fundraising, cooperation and effective communication. There will be one-to-one mentoring from professional social starters or other leaders of the area, with strategic planning and useful consulting.
Professional financial team and personnel management platform are also here to support.
Let our NextLeaders better focus on the project itself.
Stay tuned for more information!